Top 5 social media trends for 2023

With social media platforms continuously evolving, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and know how they will benefit your business. The last year has seen incredible growth and change in social media. As more platforms join the online fray, people’s behaviors and preferences shift, which means businesses have to alter how they market to consumers. Awareness of the latest trends can help you stay competitive and reach more potential customers in the new year. Here are some top social media trends that every small business should look out for in 2023.

The Rise of Reels

It’s not a secret that video content has changed the social media game. As TikTok still dominates as a platform, Instagram is catching up quickly with its version of a short-form video— Instagram Reels.

While regular feed posts are still popular, Reels are the number one strategy for reaching new audiences. Many brands have seen a spike in engagement after embracing this trend. In 2022, Emplifi data uncovered that Reel engagement rates were 35% higher than other content types, followed by carousels, videos, and images.

A New Standard for Brands and Influencers

As expected, influencer marketing will continue to be effective in 2023, but the landscape has changed. The average Instagram user wants to connect and follow people whose lives mirror their own — not those who live lavish lifestyles. They also want to follow socially impactful brands and contribute to the community meaningfully. Small creators are more often asked to collaborate with brands because of their genuine connection with their audience. People feel better about doing business with those they like and trust, and being authentic shows there is a real person behind the brand.

Think about ways to build your following without pushing a product too heavily, and partner with the right influencers.

The New QVC – Live Shopping

In recent years, Instagram Live has skyrocketed in popularity. Instagram Live is effective because it allows you to interact with viewers instantly, which allows for a stronger bond to form.

There are many ways to incorporate Instagram Live into your digital marketing strategy, including Instagram Live Shopping, a feature on the app that allows brands and creators to shop during an Instagram Live broadcast. When used for e-commerce, it can increase sales by giving consumers a more immersive experience when being introduced to new products. They can experience a product and make a better purchasing decision without leaving the page.


Gone are the days of perfectly curated content. Nowadays, creators favor more “in the moment” content.

Launched in 2020, BeReal is a social media photo-sharing app through which users can share honest and unfiltered photos with their friends once a day. Every day, the app notifies users to share what they are doing in real time, and they only have two minutes to do it. In 2022 alone, BeReal has grown its user base by 318%. The recent buzz has sparked other social media companies to pay attention and create their features with a similar take, like Instagram Candid Stories and TikTok Now.

BeReal doesn’t have ads or features for businesses, which many feel is part of its appeal. However, many brands are rushing to understand the platform’s appeal. Currently, many companies are testing different approaches to the app. Chipotle has been using the app to share promo codes, but any other kind of traditional advertising is not prohibited. Even though brand interaction with this app is still in its early stages, the message is clear— consumers want more unfiltered and relatable content. With that in mind, you still need to ensure your content is compelling and tells a story.

‘Meme Marketing

Memes aren’t anything new, but in 2023 it is predicted that how they are used in social media marketing will change. Video memes are the same as static memes, except in video form. Not only are they good for a laugh, but they can be powerful tools that brands can use to drive engagement on their socials. They give consumers a way to relate more dynamically.

It’s best to keep your memes aligned with your brand identity. Make sure you know your audience and pinpoint their sense of humor. Make sure you are current with pop culture. Check what’s trending and put your spin on an existing meme. The possibilities are endless.

Creating a solid presence on social media platforms is crucial if you are trying to grow your business continuously. As we are seeing going into 2023, brands can no longer afford only to promote their self-interests. They must show up in their community and create an authentic connection with the consumer. The audience expects businesses to show up for them, and brands have followed through with making purchasing products more accessible than ever. Take this moment to update your social media strategy next year.

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