Rehashing the Hashtag

To this day hashtags are one of the internet’s most widely recognized symbols and the significance of hashtags in social media has only increased over the years.

If you are marketing your brand on social media, then it is crucial to have a clear understanding of this important tool used widely across social platforms today.

Don’t worry, as a social media expert I am here to break down the details and share some juicy tips on why and how to use hashtags in 2023.

Why should I use hashtags?

Hashtags have multiple benefits, but here are the top four reasons you should incorporate them into your social media strategy today!

  1. Hashtags help build brand awareness by connecting your business with a broader audience. Users are able to search, follow, and browse hashtags that they are interested in. Including hashtags in your posts will expose your business to new eyes and ears!
  2. Using hashtags will help your target audience find your brand! Make sure to be intentional when choosing your hashtags and get into the mind of your ideal clients. What would your ideal client search for?
  3. Use the exposure element of hashtags to increase your account’s engagement and follower count. You never know which users will stumble across your content and click that follow button or drop a comment.
  4. Stay on top of what’s trending! Not only do you want to include hashtags specific to your brand and target audience, but you need to stay relevant and add in some trending hashtags too. Research national holidays, popular trends, events, or campaigns and sprinkle those into your hashtag repertoire.

How to use hashtags efficiently:

  • You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, and we say use them all! Just make sure that you use relevant hashtags and switch them up each post. 
  • Be specific by using location and key words that align with what your target audience is searching for. For example, if your business creates charcuterie boards and is based in Miami, try #miamidatenight instead of #datenight. This strategy will help your target audience easily find your brand.
    Even if you work remotely, it’s beneficial to be famous in a small town! 
  • Store hashtags in your phone for easy access. Group them by topic so when it’s time to post you can copy and paste which ones are relevant.
  • Hashtags go in the caption, not in the comments. 

Happy Hashtagging! 

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