5 Tips To Finding The Right Web Designer For Your Business

When you need a new website, or your existing one needs work, you want to find a web designer you can trust. And that’s not an easy undertaking, with the plethora of designers out there.

When you’re choosing a web designer to work with, your ultimate goal is to have a website that engages your audience and reflects your brand in the right way. Web design projects are usually time-consuming and costly, so you want to find the website  designer who’s going to deliver the results you want.

Let’s take a look at what you should look out for when hiring a web designer:

1. Experience – When you’re hiring a web designer, ask yourself these questions: How long has the web designer been in business? Do they have an About page that talks about the history of the business? Do they share valuable tips and information in blog posts or via their email newsletter?

2. Portfolio – Portfolios are crucial for a designer to display. It’s how they can showcase their previous work. Does the web designer have a portfolio on their website? If not, why not? Do the websites listed in their portfolio appeal to you? Can you visit those websites? Do they load quickly? All of these questions are important to ask yourself.

3. Expertise –  How many different services does the web designer offer? The right team could provide multiple services to your business. This gives the benefit of working with the same people regularly and them really getting to know your business. However, be wary of solo web designers offering too many services. This could be a red flag where they spread themselves too thin.

4. Reviews – Another point to keep in mind is, does the web designer display any reviews on their website? Are these reviews also available on third-party websites such as Google or Trustpilot? If there are any bad reviews, how did the web designer respond? Seeing how they addressed previous clients gives a lot of insight into what they would be like to work with in the future.

5. Availability – You might have found the perfect designer with an amazing portfolio but do they have the time to work with you? Find out what sort of availability the web designer has. It’s normal for web designers to be booked up a few weeks or months in advance. The most successful designers will always have a waiting list in place. Decide how long you’re willing to wait before committing to work with someone.


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