How to Use Story Stickers to Generate Leads on Instagram

How to Use Story Stickers to Generate Leads on Instagram

Instagram Stories are another great way to generate leads on Instagram through the use of engagement. If you’re a social media guru like myself, then you definitely know that engagement has taken over The Gram. Engagement is key to getting leads for your business on Instagram.

Luckily for you, Instagram sets you up the tools you need to be successful, it’s just up to you to use them to your advantage! (Hint: take advantage!!) These ‘tools’ I’m talking about are Instagram Story Stickers! These stickers are ways to get your audience interacting with your content. It is a great way to strike up a conversation, or generate a lead. It takes a little conversing to know if someone is a good fit for your audience.

You’re able to pick and choose which types of Instagram Story Stickers you wish to use for each story you create. The Instagram Story Stickers include: polls, question boxes, slider bar, quizzes and countdowns! Let me explain how each of these tools works as a form of engagement.

Polls: Determine where your audience stands once and for all! Polls are great for ‘this or that’, or simply finding where your audience stands on a certain topic. When you’re in a pinch on making a decision, polls can be like flipping a coin. It’s a 50/50 chance. You can even ask your audience what type of content they want to see from you by posting a poll. When someone interacts with your poll, you can take it a step further by sending them a message: “You love dogs more than cats too? We have so much in common!” Ok ok, this isn’t a hallmark movie, we ain’t gonna be that cheesy…but do you get what I’m putting down? You can use polls to start an authentic conversation with a potential customer.

Question Boxes: With this feature, you can ask your audience absolutely anything! The goal, again, is to strike up a conversation and let your relationship flourish, or if it’s not a fit it weeds out people from your audience who you don’t need to engage with. Here are a few ideas:

  • “What would you like me to post about?”
  • “Do you have any specific recommendations on ___?”
  • “What is your favorite/least favorite part of ___?”
  • “Ask me anything!”
  • “What do you look for when choosing a business?”
  • “Why do you follow my page?”

Slider Bar: The slider bar feature can be a little way to add some spice to your Instagram Story. You are able to change the emoji to whatever you like, changing it to fit the aesthetic of your story is always a good idea! The slider bar is essentially how much your audience likes or agrees with the corresponding Instagram Story. You can move the slider bar to whichever position you like. This may be a little harder to start a detailed conversation, but it still doesn’t hurt!

Quizzes: Instagram Story quizzes are not like the quizzes we took in high school because they don’t necessarily have to have a right answer. You could definitely ask questions that have a specific answer like about you or questions regarding your niche. But, you can also use quizzes as a way to get your audience more involved, especially when it again comes down to a decision.

Countdowns: Countdowns are always fun because it builds anticipation for your audience. They can save the date for your live, launch etc. How cool is that?!

So now what you know to post for each of the Instagram Story Stickers, it is so important to take EVERYTHING from these interactions. This is how you’re going to convert the leads you do get! Reply to every single person who engages with your stories, they took the time to engage with you, so you want to engage back!

Conversations and engagement build like, know and trust! So next time you think you don’t have to use Instagram Story Stickers, think again because they can be just the thing to generate a lead, or even close a sale!

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