Social Commerce for Retail Businesses


With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting education, businesses and day to day life, it is no surprise that it has also shaken up the world of retail and brick-and-mortar storefronts. While your time spent in fitting rooms has probably taken a decrease, your time scrolling through platforms like Facebook and Instagram are at an all time high. According to Business Insider, social media usage has increased by 61% within the past year. This usage has led to the question, “Should my business be utilizing social commerce?” Spoiler alert, the answer is always yes.

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the process of selling products directly through a social media platform. Everything from product discovery to entering your credit card information takes place on the app without directing you to another website.

Social commerce has introduced an easier way for your customers to purchase products without any risk of confusion and abandonment on a website. Instagram even notifies your potential customer that they left something in their cart.

Thanks to social commerce, you are able to grasp your customers excitement from the very beginning. If your customer scrolls upon a pair of jeans that she has been wanting, the only thing left for her to do is hit “Shop Now”. In less than five minutes your customer will be back to scrolling through his/her Instagram feed and have a new staple fashion piece on the way.

Currently, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are the top performing social commerce platforms.

E-Commerce vs. Social Commerce

E-Commerce relates to your customers shopping experience on your website or company app. Where social commerce allows transactions to be made on different social media platforms.

Social commerce and e-commerce are not the same. Therefore, at Bloom Digital Creatives, we recommend for your company to utilize both.

Why Social Commerce?

Social commerce allows the process of buying something to be quick, easy, simple and a social experience. Where wearing masks and staying at home made us feel like we were losing a bit of our social aspects, social commerce brings it back to the consumer.

With algorithms working on your side, you are able to target your ideal customer as well as collect information on what your consumers think about your products. Need to know if they would be interested in platform sneakers, a new skin-care product or a glow in the dark mask? Putting a poll on your Instagram story is the perfect way to get true feedback that can help advance your business.

Through buy buttons, shoppable galleries and stories, and tagging all of your items, social commerce will increase all aspects of your business. By utilizing all of the key aspects of social commerce you are able to build a relationship with your customers, increase your social engagement and give your customers a quality shopping experience.

Social Commerce Wrapped Up

With the ever changing world of social media, one thing is for sure: the only direction social commerce is going, is up. Don’t let your storefronts and websites get left behind, and start introducing your business to social commerce.

If you want help in setting up the perfect social commerce shop, email us at [email protected]. Let the “Buy Now” button become your business’s best friend.

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