What Can a Blog Do for Your Business?

The opportunities for marketing are endless… It’s STRATEGY that is going to get you “more bang for your buck”. What makes your brand special in comparison to your competitors? Sharing tips, tricks, and allowing your brand to come to life through the eyes of your customers is the answer. This is where blogs come in.

What can a blog do for your business? Let’s dive into a few highlights:

Show your expertise and differences

Customers need to know why they should use your product/service over the competitors. Make your company stand out by sharing your expertise. If you sell tie-dye sweatshirts, like 100 other people nowadays, why is your sweatshirt better than others? Share how you style it, tips on washing and keeping the colors bright, etc. The more you share and get your brand into the world, the more likely people will see your brand as “THE” brand for its category.

Create shareable content

Blogs can be your biggest asset along with social media. There are a plethora of ways to create content… you just need to get it out there for everyone to see. With a blog, you can give an in-depth opinion or tips and include meaningful photos (which can also be shared on social channels) and links. Pro tip- When adding links on your blog post, always include at least one that leads back to your brand.


Find those top supporters (specifically bloggers and influencers) who genuinely love your brand and have them help you get the word out! Use the partnership as an opportunity for your customers to hear from another point-of-view. Be sure to share what they have to say on your blog. Not only is it creating another post for you, but you are now gaining different perspectives and opening doors to customers you may not have met previously. Welcome new customers!

Build SEO

Building your SEO is talked about high and wide as a priority with blogging. When someone hops over to Google to search for “amazing tie-dye sweatshirts”, you want your articles to be seen at the top! More content on your website, especially a blog, allows for your SEO to increase.

Email Collection

Gain a marketing base by collecting emails through your blog. From this collection, you can easily send important emails about product, sales, promos, new blog posts etc. to drive traffic right back to you. The more you are in the customers minds, the more they will come back to see you!

At the end of the day, it is crucial for your business to utilize digital marketing strategies to grow your biz. Having a blog for your business is beneficial in order to gain customers, share knowledge, harness trust & adoration, and… most importantly, produce more revenue in the long run.

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