Helpful Tips to Grow Your Email List

Email Marketing is such an important piece of the business owner puzzle. As the business owner, you are in control of the messages being sent to your audience and how often those messages are sent. Your audience however controls when and if they view it.

So, you just launched a new service or you’re giving your subscribers an update. Create the email, send it and let your subscribers view and interact with it on their terms! This way they know it’s there, but at the same time it’s not being shoved in their face.

Email subscribers are individuals who most likely care what you’re doing. AKA they want to read your latest updates and they want to engage more with your business! They didn’t subscribe to clutter their inbox, they subscribed because they are attracted to your business and crave more than what is on your website or social media page!

“But my engagement is great on Instagram and Facebook.”

If this statement refers to you, that’s great that your social pages are doing so well because social media is one of the first steps in building your business. As a social media manager, kudos to you (it’s not always that easy)! The Instagram and Facebook algorithms are always changing, and it’s important to be marketing your business in other ways, like email marketing.

I can assure you not every single one of your followers sees your posts. If they do, maybe they glance over your content anyway. Social media is a fabulous tool despite this. As a business owner, I know that email marketing will make the consumer experience even more personalized. The consumer isn’t tempted by the next post after yours (like on social media), they are dedicated to one thing only. The email from you in their inbox.

Let’s talk about helpful tips to grow your email list!

  1. Catchy Subject Titles

Anything in the digital marketing world has to be eye-catching for it to be engaged with. Readers should be reeled in after reading the first line. As we know, the first thing that jumps out to us in an email is the subject line! When sending your email to your subscribers make sure the subject line makes them want to read more!

  1. Pop- Ups

Having pop-ups throughout your website is great for attracting new subscribers. Don’t make the mistake of having too many or else you’ll just be seen as overbearing and desperate. Maybe one or two spread out on your website. This invites people in and gets them realizing the benefits of being subscribed, or on the flip side the negatives if they miss out.

3. Create Unique Relatable Content

Can we be real for a second? Your email list is most likely made up of individuals who genuinely care about what you have to say/offer. No offense, but if I’m totally uninterested in what you’re involved with, then I most likely won’t subscribe to your email. So create content that genuinely draws people in. Who is your audience and what do they want? If you know this, you will most likely know the content that they will align the best with. If they love it that much, they’ll probably talk about it, post about it, share it by word of mouth, etc. Make your content unique and worth your readers time!

4. Incentives & Giveaways

It’s no secret that humans LOVE the word free. No matter if it will be super beneficial to them or not, as long as the price tag says ‘free’ they’re in! Essentially, subscribers are doing you a favor. They are helping you grow not only your email list, but your business too! Give back to the ones who have brought you or will bring you your success. Whether you are offering free training or free templates as a gift when they subscribe, it will mean a lot to them!

5. Social Media

As I said, social media is one of the first steps in building your business. So with that being said, we can also resort to using it as a tool to get our followers to sign up. Add call to action buttons, links and mentions throughout your social platforms to encourage your followers to subscribe. Promote your irresistible offers and a landing page to increase email subscribers. If they see it enough and are interested in your content, you should have no problem reeling them in.

Email marketing can be challenging and frustrating at times, but once you grow your email list, you’ll be sure to see your business bloom! Are you ready to take the jump to grow your email list? Learn more about how Bloom Digital Creatives can help today!

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