How Bloom Digital Creatives Can Help You With Social Media Marketing

So, now that you know what Social Media Marketing (SMM) is, you’re probably realizing that Bloom Digital Creatives can help you! Our knowledgeable and creative team is ready to do your behind the scenes work. (Trust me, there is a lot that goes into it that you don’t think about.) Whether it’s help with blog writing, SEO, content creation, graphic design, website design, SMM or virtual assistant services, we have you covered!

Let me walk you through our process:

  1. Sign on with Bloom Digital Creatives
  2. Meet and Greet Call
  3. Complete Onboarding Checklist
  4. Create Weekly Content for Your Business Needs
  5. Hashtags are Added To Optimize SMM Efforts
  6. You Review and Edit The Content
  7. Content is Posted
  8. Your Business Blooms

Sign on with Bloom Digital Creatives

We will welcome you with open arms! We are so happy to grow our clientele and help your business BLOOM! Decide what services we can provide you with and we’ll go from there.

Meet and Greet

We are so happy you stumbled across Bloom Digital Creatives! We first have a meet and greet call to see if this agency is a good fit for your needs as a business owner. If it’s decided that we are a good fit, then we will send you our Onboarding Checklist to fill out, to get to know you and your business even more.

Complete Our Onboarding Checklist

Before content can be created, we must know your goals and existing information. To help us with this, we have you fill out an Onboarding Checklist. With the Onboarding Checklist, we are trying to thoroughly understand your business, goals, voice, and so much more.

We want to know who your ideal client is, what tone is best to use, other topics that can be discussed, what not to discuss, etc.

Content pillars are another critical piece we need to know for content creation. Content pillars are the main areas you would like your content to be focused on. If you are unsure of what your content pillars are, we will work through them together. Sometimes it helps to have a second brain to determine these things!

Regardless, we will talk through your completed Onboarding Checklist together to iron everything out and make sure we have as much information as possible!

Create Weekly Content for Your Business Needs

One of our content creators will go ahead and use the onboarding checklist with the information you have provided to create content that best fits your business. Content creators take into consideration your tone, information and goals while developing content for your platform.

Content is created a week ahead of time to gain approval from you, the client. So if you need content for next week, the content creator will create this week.

Hashtags are Added to Optimize SMM Efforts

We also come up with hashtags to optimize our SMM efforts. This is based on our knowledge we have pertaining to hashtags. Our team will research specific hashtags relating to your business to be sure that they make your business discoverable, in turn increasing engagement and growing your audience!

Review and Edit Content

We care about your input! After all, this is your business. As we create content a week ahead of time, it gives you time to review and edit any content! If you want something changed or added, we will go ahead and do so!

Content is Posted

When the content is created, edited and approved, we will post your content for you! This is so nice to not have to worry about. Focus your time elsewhere and watch your engagement roll in!

Your Business Blooms

Our goal is to help you take your business to the next level! We want to help you with our personalized digital marketing services as much as possible and lessen your workload.

At Bloom Digital Creatives, we are here for you 24/7 via email. Any questions or concerns you may have, feel free to voice them! We also offer packages that come with monthly strategy sessions to give you more information on SMM! Are you ready to Bloom your business yet? Email Elyssa at [email protected] to get started!

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