6 Tips for Organic Sales on Social Media

As business owners, when we want to make a sale we want it to be genuine. We want to sell what we have to offer because it’s quality and it can help others. Using social media to make sales organically is not as difficult as you may think. Here are some of the top tips to get your audience to stop the scroll and make a purchase.

1. Write as you would speak

You seriously can’t get more genuine than talking to people in text as you would to their face. Explain who you are, what you do, and put it simply. Simple is best. Using a large vocabulary may make you seem intelligent, but you’ve just lost some potential clients. If you enjoy humor, add humor to your captions. If you are from the south, use those slang words, ya’ll!

2. Make it interesting

What makes you stop scrolling to read? Most likely a fun fact or a snippet with fun emojis. If you can stop the scroll, you’re off to a good start. Follow up with some good, simple information. The length of your post shouldn’t be too long. The average attention span of a reader is 15 seconds. Make that count. If you can grab someone’s attention, then that is a great way to “get them through the door”.

3. Don’t try to sell

This seems counterproductive seeing as you want the sale, but the fact of the matter is you need to make the customer believe it was their idea that they hired you. Make your service and product something only you can offer them. Make it something they truly need and will pay for. If you do it right, some things really will sell themselves.

4. Be personable

Perhaps the most important thing you can be is a real, living human being. In a world full of automated services, show your face. Talk about normal problems. Talk about family. Let your clients know that you are human, too, and what you do is something you’re both good at and passionate about. When a person feels like they know you, that will build on the famed “like, know, and trust factor” that is essential to selling on social media.

5. Post a quality image

Beautiful images, especially those on Instagram, make a person stop automatically. Learn some branding photography tips to help boost your image quality before you even capture it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words–prove it.

6. Implement hashtags

H​ashtags are going to help drive views to your posts. Spend time typing in hashtags and seeing what posts draw your eyes. What hashtags did they use? How many people have used that hashtag? What other posts does that connect you with? Do you want to be associated with those posts? Do your images look like theirs? Make sure it’s your post that clients are finding for the right reasons. Using trending hashtags help your post reach a lot of eyes organically.

T​he average person spends 2 hours on social media each day. It is one of the greatest resources we have at our fingertips to help grow our business and make sales. Using the above tips will be sure to drive views to your posts with the potential to increase sales organically.

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