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Branding Photography Tips

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Creating and making has always been in my DNA. I come from a very long line of entrepreneurs which made the transition to starting my own business very organic. I don’t think I realized when I picked up my first camera at the age of eight that my interest in photography would grow into a passion and eventually become my profession. Although I am a photographer by trade I am really in the business of empowering small business owners to understand the importance of branding and how they can use their photography as a tool to convey their brand message. We live in such a visually driven world and you only have seconds to grab someone's attention, especially on social media. Did you know that 47% of US online consumers rate high quality images as the most influential aspect of product purchasing? Good visual content is 40% more likely to get shared on social media accounts. Crazy right? Strong Visual content is king.

There are a few things to think about as you are developing your brand and creating a social media marketing strategy. A lot of the time when we think of branding we think of a catchy logo and beautiful colors, great photos, pretty models etc. These things give a look and feel but those are just tools that help to build your brand. Your brand truly is the experience that your customers have the moment they come in contact with you and your product. The language that you use to communicate and the mission that you state is the heartbeat of your brand. As you build out your brand, keep in mind the big picture and allow the colors, logo, and photos be the tools that help you to build the experience for your customers.

Start thinking about the aesthetic of your brand and how you want your brand to make your customer feel. What do you want them to experience when they work with you? As you develop the client experience you will start to build out colors and keywords for your brand.

Seeing a need in the community, I have created unique resources to help entrepreneurs elevate the visual experience of their brand through photos.

First I have The Styling Kit. This kit comes complete with everything you need to create the perfect styled photo or flat lay it even has inspiration/how to videos. I am now bringing my secret weapon to brands everywhere. Every successful product photo needs layers and accents. With this flat lay kit a brand has everything they need to make their product shine. I make product photography easy for businesses by providing them the resources they need to make their products stand out and scroll-stopping. Make sure to check out my Instagram for new ideas on how to use your flat lay kit!

Ready to get started with your own photography? Follow these tips for stunning photos.

1. Find a window

Natural light is your friend. The first thing that you'll want to do is find a window you will always want to face the window. Windows provide us with a large light source. The larger your light source is, the softer the light will appear on the subject. Keep in mind that the further away you are from your light source, the less light will reach you. You may have to move closer or further away to get the look you want. Test it out at various distances from the window.

2. Set up a V-Flat

Use a couple pieces of poster board to form a V-flat. It will give you a surface as well as help to bounce the light back onto your subject.

3. The Rule of odds When you are working with products you always want to be thinking in odd numbers things always look better visually in odd numbers.

4. Layer and Textures Items look best with adding layers, use props and accents. flowers, greenery colored sheets of paper, ribbon, stamps, paper clips just to give you a few ideas!

You are all set now you can get started and play around with your products and see what looks best!

For those out there that are ready to outsource their content creation I have created The Membership. I’ve created Monthly and Quarterly membership options to suit the needs for any business. The Membership allows you to receive continuous product images to keep your content fresh. I make The Membership simple, all you have to do is ship me your products every month (or quarterly) and you receive a handful of photos to use across your social media platforms. Creating fresh and new content has never been easier. I even help with the strategy part! We will chat about what kind of content you need for promotions you are launching, what your goals are for your product, and what you want to highlight. No more stock photos, all the content is unique to you, your product and your brand. Build your brand awareness and capture your ideal clients attention with stunning photos. If you’re ready to join me send me a message and let’s see how we can make your product shine!

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