4 Ways to Grow Your Business on Instagram

1. Hashtags

I might seem a little hashtag crazy, but there’s a reason for it. If used correctly, they are vital to growing your business on Instagram. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, do not stress so much about hashtags that relate to your business, but focus on hashtags that your ideal client is searching for. Knowing who your ideal client is, is the game changer.

2. Posts

You need to create read-worthy Instagram posts consistently. I highly recommend posting at least four times per week, every week!

Great social media posts have an eye-catching graphic, an exciting first sentence, great information, and a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA gets people engaging on your posts.

3. Stories

Instagram Stories is where it’s at! The more you post to your stories, the more eyes you get on your business. When someone watches your story a few times your story becomes one of the top stories on their feed. Sometimes stories are more likely to be seen than a feed post. With this said, your stories need to be interesting so your audience wants to come back for more.

4. Direct Messages

Get to know your ideal client. Do NOT be spammy, yuck! But genuinely get to know your audience. Show up in their inboxes and chat with them via direct message. You can reply to their stories, ask them questions, check in on them, or whatever you feel is right! The more you know, the better your marketing technique will be. In addition, when you create relationships with your audience, they will be more inclined to buy from and recommend you.

Do you need help identifying your ideal client, help with your social media strategy, or someone to just takeover your socials? Email [email protected] today to get started!

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