Pinterest for Business Owners

Growth is at the front of every business owner’s mind as they continue to strive for success. Maximizing the exposure of your business is the best way to expand your customer base. While Facebook and Instagram may be the most popular social networks to explore, Pinterest is another gem that business owners often overlook.

Customers come to Pinterest for inspiration. They want to discover new ideas that stem from their interests and hobbies. For businesses, using this search engine as a tool to drive traffic and sales is essential for marketing. Customers can find key information about products and the ability to explore more. They can easily be connected to your company website and shop, read your company blog, and become a loyal customer.

How can your business grow by using Pinterest?


Most of the customers on Pinterest are females, age 25-54. The majority of this audience has a significant household income and makes the primary buying decisions in their home. If this sounds like your ideal client, then Pinterest is the perfect place for your company to gain exposure.


When it comes to content, you must be consistent & creative. Staying organized and having a daily plan will help you execute seamlessly. The most successful businesses follow a strategic calendar, which includes special content for holidays and seasons. Posts must be consistent in timing, quality, and messaging to keep and grow your audience.

Hashtags & Keywords

Optimize your time on Pinterest by having a keyword strategy, just as you would for any other SEO-based platform. Dig in and be sure to have the most relevant keywords to your post. On Pinterest, you can also use popular hashtags, while blending them with new and unique ones. Try to limit your hashtags to 2-5.


Customer interaction is imperative to successful growth on all social channels and Pinterest is no exception. Be sure to take the time to reply to comments and post on similar boards. Use boards to connect with Pinners, which will give your business more exposure and, in turn, future customers.


Be sure to convert or start a new account as a business account. Pinterest has tools for businesses to use to track and measure insights. Use them to your advantage, just like you would track your sales. Watch the stats and see what is working and what isn’t. This will allow you to tweak your posts & enhance your time spent on Pinterest.

Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

Allow your brand to be the one everyone is inspired by. Be the company that is pinned & shared with friends and loved ones. Pinterest is a perfect tool to help increase your SEO and overall brand exposure. Your customers will be able to have one more avenue to connect with your business and, in turn, help you grow.

What’s next?

Let Bloom Digital Creatives be your partner and lead the way in optimizing your brand awareness on Pinterest and beyond. Email [email protected] today to get started!

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