How to Build a Boss Bio

Your Instagram bio is like your own personal movie trailer. Movie trailers introduce you to the plot and show you some of the best clips of the movie so that people will be intrigued to go watch the film. You want your Instagram bio to capture your ideal client’s attention, while also introducing to them what it is you do! The end goals are similar: Watch the movie! And Click Follow!

In order to build a boss bio, there are specific points you should include:

  1. Clear, simple title: Your title should state what type of service you provide in the simplest form. For example “Party Planner” instead of “Plans activities, invitations, food and beverages, ect. for parties of all ages”
  2. Benefits/ Values: Tell your followers and ideal clients HOW and WHY you can help them and make their lives better/ easier. Example: “Less stress, less mess, more FUN!”
  3. Identify who your account is for: Once you know who your ideal clients are, make your bio speak to them. Get specific! Examples: current moms, moms-to-be, brides-to-be, graduates etc.
  4. List your contact info: How do you want your clients to contact you? You can add an email address, phone number, ask them to DM you, add a link tree with all your websites and other social media platforms.
  5. Offer a free gift or sample: Clients are more likely to take action when they are being offered a free service or gift. And once they see how talented you are, they are sure to come back for more! Offering a free gift is also a great way to grow your email list.

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