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Meet The Creatives

Elyssa Bloom

Owner & Founder

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Adrianne Frye
A. Frye.png

Lead Virtual Assistant

📍: Philadelphia, PA

💛: Wifey to Frank, and mommy to Makayla

☕️: No thank chocolate all the way

Emmily Nelson
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Content Creator

📍: Northern Kentucky

💛:  Mama to two kids, Myla and Finn, married to husband,  Jeff

☕️:  Soy Caramel Macchiato (hot—always hot drinks for me)

📖:   Enjoy reading, writing, and anything outside

📝: Currently writing a fictional dystopian novel with the goal of publishing

Caitlyn Sollinger

C. Sollinger.png

Engagement Specialist

📍: Orlando, FL

💛:  Sisters   are always encouraging me to be the best version of myself and my biggest supporters

☕️:  Vanilla chai latte - yum

🐶:  Love    skiing, kayaking, hiking, boating, Disney, reading, playing with my dogs 

😉:   Climbed to the top of Everest…at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Vane Gordillo
V. Gordillo.png

Engagement Specialist

📍: Miami, FL

💛: Married to husband, Alex, and a momma to Gracie

☕️: Non-Fat, White Chocolate Mocha
🛋:  Love    to relax, with  my feet up on the couch, scrolling through social media 

🥋: 5th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo

Victoria Adams
V. Adams.png

Engagement Specialist

📍: Langhorne, PA

💛:  Married to RJ, and mommy to Quinn

☕️:  Not a coffee drinker, whatsoever

💅:  Being at the nail salon is the most relaxing thing to me

📣: Has been a cheerleading coach for 6 years

Haley Williams

H. Williams.png


📍: Canton, GA

💛: Husband, Hunter, and fur baby, Rory

☕️: I’m more of a hot chocolate girl

🚴‍♀️: Reading, writing, watching movies, hiking, and kayaking
🏁: I am the Race Director for a charity race for dogs, Street Dog Dash 5K